How many lessons Lingq has? It seems to me that something wrong is happen with my account

I have joined to the Lingq today and see only about 400 lessons (10 pages; 40 lessons per page). I think it is not right because service exists from 2002. So maybe I do something wrong. Could you please help me to see all lessons?

Only 400? How many can you work on at the same time? :)) Which level are you talking about?

If you go to the Library and set your level to Beginner does the number of lessons change?

Only 400 lessons are shown, but there are much more. If you use the filters on the left, you can find more lessons. The number of lessons that is shown was reduced because of the slowliness of the full search as far as I know.

At the same time I can pass only one lesson of course but I have tried to find specific lesson that I liked. I saw them earlier but I can not find it now. This is why I am asking this question.
If I select beginner level I see the 10 pages.
If I uncheck beginner level I see the 10 pages again
Looks like a bug

Does it mean that I can see only the first 400 lessons in one time (by one request)? I mean results that much to my filter
For example I applied Provider:ELLLO filter AND I have got 10 page (40*10 = 400) of result. How can I be sure that it is everything lingq has? How about lesson number 451 in search result for example. It means that some of the result will never be shown to user.

Have you tried applying more advanced filters? Perhaps some of the Elllo material is not strictly beginners? Less popular lessons may also have been withdrawn - I know that there were more than just a couple of mistakes in quite a few of them.

In any case, Support will give you an answer in due course.

Thank you for your answers. I have found already the lesson I wanted using the other filters but the questions still exists. It is not critical issue for me now but just interest. Could you imagine for example that google search engine will cut the result set by its own opinion. And give you just part of result that much to you search words without any warnings that the other results exists.
It is a technical aspect of search engine and you are right it is a question for support team

Hi! As noted by others, the search is limited at 400 results. This has been done for performance reasons, as listing every single option would result in the search being significantly slower in many cases in the current implementation. We are reevaluating the search and looking at ways to further improve it, so at some point we may be able to increase this limit if we find that more results doesn’t degrade performance. However, for now note that it is limited at 400, and if you don’t find a specific lesson you’re looking for in the first 400 lessons then you can use the additional filters on the left to further refine your search.

Let us know if you have any additional questions!

Alex, thank you very much. It is absolutely clear and reasonable now.