How many languages can you recognise?

I scored 600…
Beat me !

600 also

400 … I’m quite hopeless with non-European languages

Just got 850!

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650! :slight_smile:


Ones I got wrong were: Kannada, Polish, and Dari. Polish I have no excuse, but the others I’d never heard of :stuck_out_tongue:

Starts off easy but it actually gets pretty challenging!

@alex They’ve listed Kannada as the hardest one to recognize)


Mistakes: Serbian (should have got that one right), Burmese and Tagalog.

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  1. Lost it at the last 3.


  1. Not too bad because I’haven’t even heard the name of some of these languages :wink:

My score: 550 points!

I missed:

  • Bulgarian
  • Polish
  • Indonesian


  1. Got Slavak and Slovenian confused. Farsi sure is perty.

HAHA, very nice game 1200

Final score: 750
Mistakes this round
Tagalog, Maori, Tongan

I even did not ever hear the names of such languages.

  1. I got wrong languages whose names I didn’t know (African and Indian languages I think). Thanks for sharing that game, very interesting!

2nd attempt - 950
Burmese, Fijian, Tongan

550 I think that I’ve luck

I got 1100. There are a lot of unknown languages for me, so I need to use process of elimination often. I can recognize majority of European languages, so that helps a lot.
The one I missed are Sinhalese, Samoan, Somali.