How many imported lessons with lifetime membership?

I’m thinking of signing up for lifetime membership for Portuguese.
How many imported lessons do I get. You get 5 with premium, but I can’t figure out if that’s 5 per month, or 5 per account, or what? I don’t want to pay for lifetime only to use up all my imports in the first year! Does anyone know?

I think it’s unlimited imports with a premium membership, 5 with the free membership. I would guess you would also get unlimited with the lifetime membership. You can wait for Zoran’s confirmation though.

With the Lifetime plan, you’ll get unlimited imports in a language you purchased the Lifetime plan for.
With Premium plan, you get unlimited imports in all languages.
Only Free members are limited to 5 imports.

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Thanks! The page that lists all the premium features is incorrect then, it says 5 imports for Free and Premium, and unlimited for Premium Plus. If it’s unlimited I will definitely get the lifetime plan. EDIT: I just looked again and it does say unlimited for premium. I guess I misread it, sorry!

I didn’t know they were offering lifetime again. I went ahead and got it for Korean. If only I had gotten this when I started learning Korean.