How many hours do you learn English approximately per day?

Hi there,

I would like to know how many hours do you learn English per day approximately including reading,listening,movies etc?

Hi Eimis ^^ Of course, I have no idea what you’re motivation is in asking this question, but let me throw something out there: Don’t worry about how many hours you spend doing anything!! I used to obsess about how many hours I studied German, and I was always stressing out about how little I was understanding, how awkwardly I was speaking, how poorly I was reading. Then, after reading people’s advice on this site, I relaxed my approach and just started listening to fun things in German without counting the hours. I’d listen all the time, and it didn’t feel like studying at all.

Now I feel SO MUCH more comfortable understanding German, even reading whole books and watching movies without subtitles. I stopped obsessing over every single word I came across I didn’t know, and I learned so many new words without exerting any effort at all! Random phrases in German that seemed to come out of nowhere started popping in my head throughout the day, which had never really happened before. Even though I’m not fluent yet, I know now that fluency isn’t nearly as far away as I’d thought it was and have much more confidence in communicating.

What kind of stuff do you like to listen to in English? Just do stuff that’s fun for you, don’t stress out about your progress, and you’ll amaze yourself :slight_smile:

Sorry for the long post!!

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Good advice.

I’m not learning english But I am learning Korean. I spend about 1-2 hours on lingq per day about 5 days a week more or less. I live in korea so korean is all around me. I watch korean TV perhaps 1 hour a day because its usually turned on in the background and i might take some time off to watch it on and off during the day. and I speak it a little bit everyday but not alot at all just a tiny tiny little bit. After that I just randomly watch more korean tv or watch movie , or listen to korean dialogues while i work. My activities are very Random honestly. As the above poster said , Just relax a little and dont worry to much about numbers. Important thing is to enjoy what you’re doing.

It is so true!
the same works for me!
I spend as many hours with the foreign language as I can, but I never study hard.
So learning give me a good feeling.

Good idea.

@newgroove2013 yeah sure I agree that we don’t need to worry how many hours we spend by learning,most important thing HOW we spend this time.By the way I like your post and your motivational speech :wink: it will help me by learning English for sure

4-5 hours a day (honestly)!!!


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