How many courses/lessons do you have on the go at once?

I currently have six. Two of which are story based, two dialogue/convo and two more on something grammar related. I’ll break this up into two daily sessions; with three in each; usually for 30-40mins each. This seems to be the right amount for me at the moment. I was wondering what other people do in regards to lessons/courses and any useful study methods applied to them.

I don‘t have anything set and (for better or for worse) it really just depends on the day, how well I know the language, how much progress I’m trying to make, how similar the language is to my native language, what I’m trying to achieve in the language, and how much time I have. As you can imagine, it can turn into a circus. So here are my general thoughts:

I don’t read a lesson more than once (although I’ll probably reread the mini stories in Arabic at least 3 times) but Ill listen to a lesson 50-100x on repeat if I’m just starting the language (French and Arabic).

When Russian was my main focus and I was trying to get over the hump and really dig into learning I would spend about 1.5-2 hrs per day on reading alone (about 4k words read). During this time I would mix in about 0.5-1 hrs of Spanish (about 2k words read). So all in all about 2-3 hrs per day on languages. Nowadays I don’t quite have that much time for reading and do about an hr per day listening to Russian and maybe 0-5 hrs per week focusing on reading in Arabic. If I want to give my brain a rest ill flip through some French lessons in order to keep it semi-relevant.

Once I get a language into a decent place I don‘t mind taking a break for a few months with the intention of going back and ripping through a bunch of words quickly. This is the case right now with Russian and Spanish (and even French because of how similar it is to Spanish/English).

I have three. One in grammar, one in pronunciation and one in modern colloquial language

I read new content every day and, when i have some extra time, I review the old lessons while they still have yellow words. I have over than 30 courses in Japanese, the language I am focusing now. This is the way I found to improve comprehension, getting new words, and keep the old ones.

For me it’s just mostly whatever I feel like at that moment in time and very dependent on the amount of time I have. It also is a little dependent on what stage I’m at with the language. For example, if I’m in the beginning stage I’ve generally been following a course…i.e. imported Assimil lessons or the mini-stories or some other fairly well defined course. Plus for German I imported a lot of news articles from an easy German news website ( The “beginning” course material I’d do on repeat until I felt a knew most of the words passively and then move on. I did also read some beginning stage level books.

Now as I’m in the intermediate stages I’ve kind of been hopping all over the place. One constant is I’m reading the first Harry Potter book using LingQ. Along with that I’ve mostly been importing news from native online newspapers, articles. Also there’s some good intermediate material for German in LingQ done by LingQ’ers. I’m starting to focus again on that intermediate material and doing more of what I did in the beginning…more repeating of this shorter material to ingrain the words better, while also reading the HP book (without repetition). I feel I need some more repetition on some of these words at this stage as they are much rarer. I’d rather do that with things that only take me a few minutes to read as it’s a little more bite sized.

I don’t use the SRS system on LingQ, but sometimes I’ll do something similar…skim a particular lesson for the highlighted words and just focus on that sentence or a sentence or two around it for meaning. That way I can focus more on words I don’t know yet, but not have to read the whole lesson every time. That can be a good way to quickly review something longer too.


I am learning German on Lingq. I usually handle two-three different courses (A2-Intermediate1 or a course imported outside Lingq library) at the same time but my end goal in mind of finishing them all at some point. Leaving something in the middle of it no matter how boring it is I can’t do it so I will still finish it. Finishing the whole course provides me a sense of accomplishment otherwise my mind feels guilty. It is just a personality quirk otherwise you are free to move on with other lessons any time you feel like it.

Never had more than two at once. I prefer to finish one “task” before moving on to another.