How long does a US Passport renewal take?

Due to the coronavirus, US Passport processing is taking much longer than usual.
Does anyone have experience with their passport renewal process? How long did it take you? I just sent my renewal form in today. I think I will be lucky if I get my passport card by the end of 2021. :frowning:

Quite a long time ago I was watching an interview with Vladimir Pozner (the man has a tripple citizenship, including US) and he said, that one of the most noticeable differences is that in the US unlike Russia, he has never had any troubles getting passport renewal. He told a story, how he accidentally had lost his passport and some police officer had taken the initiative to make all arrangements which took like several hours.

I was impressed cuz I have a phobia of papers.
Now Iā€™m deeply disappointed and have to cross the US out in my list of potential happy paper-free paradises to move to :slight_smile:

Due to the coronavirus we have less people, which means we have less passports to make out. How does it work?

utilize this time to learn French :wink:


Before the plague came my understanding is it used to be either same day or next day for urgent travel.
Canada is/was the same. Next business day for $$$$.


4-6 weeks

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