How Long Do You Study?

As the title suggests how long do you study per day when learning a new language and what activities do you do?

I am currently working through a teach yourself Spanish book and I study for 1.5 hours every day minimum.

Look forward to your responses!

I find it goes up and down but there seems to be a definite rhythm. Sometimes I really can’t stop studying and I’ll study whenever there is time. However, this seems after doing this for a few days I’ll not feel like studying. I’ll try to do my obligatory time but it’s not fun. Today I maybe only studied for 30 minutes and yesterday for only 5 minutes. Got a feeling that tomorrow will be another big enjoyable study day.

Not sure whether it’s about what comes up must come down or whether I just need to establish more discipline in my study.

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I study 2 - 2,5 hours English on LingQ and watch a movie with subtitles every night or play a videogame with subtitles. I try not to skip the dialogs :). I’ve been focusing on English but also trying to study German or Spanish. Yesterday I studied German but couldn’t enjoy it so it lasted 1 hour. Tonight I am going to study Spanish probably for 1,5 hours or maybe less.

The intensity of studying makes big difference. I study 1 - 1,5 hours Spanish or German everyday but nowadays I focus on English and the efficiency of my English learning program is definitely higher than GER or SPA.

I read, listen and write. Sometimes I record my voice while speaking in English or German but I feel weird. I like to read aloud. After reading an article I try to state or specify why I disapprove or don’t agree and at the end I try to sum up what the main idea of article was or try to answer what author wrote, which ideas he or she defended and what I think about them. Twitter and LingQ are two good platforms to find new stuffs to read and discuss with native speakers- thanks to open forums.

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it depends i study at least two hours a day but the method changes some times i use linqg for a hour then i watch movies with subtitles or i read wikipedia articles in the language i’m learning another day i think just to expose myself to the language everyday

My response would be pretty much what other people’s are.

When I’m doing a 90 Day Challenge or a shorter variation of one where I want to make sure I study for a certain number of days in a row, I make sure I put in at least 1.5. Because I get into it, it’s usually more, but it’s at least that.

When I’m not doing a challenge, I just do what I feel like, but an hour a day is good. I go in spurts. I might do a challenge, then do months of very little language learning at all, save for a tv show, some newspaper articles, etc. Because my Spanish is at a pretty good level now, I’m just do it when I feel like it. However, I might do another challenge in a few months. My goal is to get to finish Advanced Level 3 in LingQ (33,200 known words) and take a trip to crank up my activation level. When I get back from the trip, presumably I still will be motivated and “into” Spanish at that moment, I’ll go with at least 1.5 a day until I feel like stopping. At that point, I’ll probably move onto another language and devote at least 80-90% of my learning time to that. The remainder will be for staying sharp on Spanish.

Good luck

70 to 80 hours a day and no this is not a joke and I am not bad with numbers. Dreams are like movies. Now and then I put a lifetime in a 2 hours dream.

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I missed the dot and thought you claimed to be studying fifteen hours a day minimum. I was a bit shocked. My mimum and target is 30 mn a day for now on a course, but then I also learn 20 new words on average using flashcards, write a very short forum post in the language and occasionally do another activity like going on lingq, listening to a podcast, using a different tool etc. so the total is over that. Probably closer to 45-90 mn a day. Maybe 1 hour on average.

For me it varies between 1 to 3 hrs everyday for now, and I spend all time reading and listening on except for importing articles from other websites.

I think repeated listening and consistency is the key in learning a new language.

I have to admit once I got to the intermediate level in Spanish, I found myself addicted to tons of interesting articles at lingq, and gazillion things to explore. I no longer call it “studying” but “living” the language.

Following are some of things I will try to do in near future.
Reread most interesting lessons, lingq more phrases so that the usage of words and phrases will sink in.
Review lingq after each article for the first time. (2 ~ 3 Weeks)

Explore youtube channels for documentary of my favorite topics, telenovela (Soap opera, tv drama), different high school or college classes in Spanish (Computer, Science, History, etc).

Learn a topic in depth on wiki or simple wiki.

I will try to write a few times in Spanish and have them corrected by someone every week.

Hopefully I will bring my Spanish up a notch once every short while. :slight_smile:

To me English is becoming a part of myself, and much more enjoyable works to be done with Spanish.

Wish the same for everyone.

Great reply my plan is to use Lingq for 3 hours everyday I would love to have your amount of known words of Lingq give me 6 months I hope to be at a somewhat decent level where I can understand conversations and be able to hold my own in a Spanish conversation!