How long do you keep your lessons?

Hey guys,

I am new to lingq and language learning in general. Around 45 days ago I started to learn spanish. Mi espanol es no muy bueno pero estudio cada dia! lol.

Anyways my question is how long do you guys keep your lessons in your feed? Ive been subscribed for almost a month and have only completely made it through 4-5 lessons. I haven’t removed them for fear of not remembering the vocabulary later. Am I supposed to reread and reread and reread the lesson until I remember all of the vocabulary, or how quick should I move on to something else and rely on word repetition to kick in? Thak you for taking the time to help me :slight_smile: Nos Vemos!


Hola, Ivan!

I’m studying Spanish as well and tbh, I remove lessons from my feed almost as soon as I’m done with them. I know some people like to reread lessons, but I never do because I find it pretty boring. When you remove lessons, you don’t lose any stats or lingqs. So there’s no real harm in removing a lesson and moving on to the next one. If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about forgetting / remembering vocab, you’ll do both naturally and it’ll feel mostly random. Sometimes I see a word or phrase so often and I think I’ve got it memorized, so I un-lingq it and then days later I can’t remember the meaning anymore and I have to re-lingq it. Forgetting is part of the process.

By reading a lot of different material though and in the process, exposing yourself to hundreds of new words, forgetting a few isn’t a big deal. Aiming for perfect memorization on every lesson may not get you as far as you want as quickly.


I keep all my lessons that has a yellow word, just for comprehension purpouses. I keep reading new content, but once in a while I read the old ones to improve my comprehension on reading and listening. Once I already know the content, I am able to train my brain to think in the speed things are happening. Surely I take this time to review the old vocab.

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I like to study a lesson once, and then add all of the lingqs to anki to actually remember them. Then i listen to the audios a certain number of times, if i was brand new and the audios were short honestly maybe 25-30 times, when i started lingq my portuguese was already ok so i listened 15 times. By the time i got to advanced i listened 10 times. And now i consider myself pretty fluent and i listen 5 times mainly passively.

I try to delete lessons at the end of the week that I don’t plan on going back to. During the week I collect the words I want to focus on and if the lesson is not within my scope I delete it. I have way too many lessons to keep them all :slight_smile:

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I’ve never deleted a lesson from my feed. I guess I didn’t know I could. I’ll probably still leave them all anyway.

As far as reading/re-reading. You don’t have to keep re-reading until you learn all the vocabulary. My preference when I first started lingq was to re-read something maybe a handful of times over the course of a day or two (i.e. not all in one sitting). I did often try to understand all words before moving on, but if I felt like I already had the story memorized and that’s the only reason I might be getting the words right, I moved on.

You may find it helpful to re-read in the beginning stages, particularly with shorter lessons. I think I would if starting with a new language, but that’s my preference. Others say they don’t repeat anything. I think you’ll see plenty of repetition of the most common words that there isn’t necessarily a need to repeat lessons, but in the beginning stages it might be nice to have certain phrases ingrained through repetition.