How long did it take? Adv1 => Adv2

I just hit Advanced 1 today in Korean and my next goal is advanced 2, I was wondering approx how long it took you guys to take that next step and what differences you guys noticed between 2 and 1.

As for me, I spend about 2-3 hours reading per day. I plan on increasing the time spent as my dependence on dictionaries goes down (looking up definitions for 2-3 hours is extremely tedious).

I didn’t keep too close of a track of where I was between levels, but looking back at my stats, times, and dates, I think it was around 400-500 hours. Now, a lot of that time included listening activity, speaking, and some writing. I keep track of my reading in terms of words, not hours. Maybe a million words. If you are spending that much time reading you may reach it faster. I was swtiching it up between listening and reading and splitting that million words and 500 hours over a couple of years because I do things over than learning languages.

I will say that it was a VERY heavy lift in terms of how much I had to put in because the better I got, the more words it took me to find that were unknown, then learn, etc. Diminishing returns if you will. I probably would have reached it much sooner if, like now, we had the ability to import all those Netflix subtitles I had read, but what eventually got my known could to “skyrocket” even at that high level and boosted me from Advanvced Level 1 to Level 2 is the suggestion from Francisco from Spain (ftornay) to start importing novels into LingQ. He was correct and, like he promised, I had reached Advanced 2 by the end of th first novel. I had started doing that when I was about half way between 1 and 2.

I’m actually reading novels and articles so I suppose I’ll probably be fine on that front. It’s a little frustrating how much time I spend looking new words up in the dictionary but I’m hoping that I can soon read (mostly) unimpeded.

sounds right. So you mean your Looking them up in LingQ or lutside of lingq?

Within LingQ

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