How long before a conversation will I be informed

I had this discussion with another user who is tutoring conversations, therefore I would like to know how long before a tutoring class can be booked ? Would be interesting to know for further planning.

Group sessions can be booked until the last minute, individual ones up to the evening of the day before (at least, that’s how it used to be).

Who pays for a Skype group session? Video group calls cost money. Or how do you do this?

I will write in English, I guess more people are able to answer this way
Audio calls should be free

But I do not know anything about video calls, we do not have to do them though I hope. And I am not even sure I would be able to have one, because I never used the cam.

Hape, group conversations are usually normal Skype calls. Those are free. Only video-calls with multiple people cost money.