How LingQs works? And I can recycle my LingQs?

*Can I recycle my LingQs?

I have in my account 17 lingQs used, but in vocabulary I have only 8 words (7 I imported and 1 from the LingQs stories).
When I import a new word and erase it, the LingQ that I’ve used don’t recycle.

I mean, if I import 50 words, I’ll “use” 50 LingQs, but if I erase those 50 words, I’ll still have 50 LingQs used.

I have only 120 LingQs limit. How do I recycle my LingQs?

You can’t “reuse” LingQs. Your limit is a fixed limit I’m afraid. You do need to upgrade to continue creating LingQs once you hit your limit. You should be creating as many LingQs as possible so you want unlimited LingQs.

try to put those 17 words in “ignore” category - this should hide them and free space for another 17 words. but man, really, buy a subscription, it costs nothing for what you get.


Actually, ignoring just removes them from your list but doesn’t increase your limit. Once you create LingQs they can’t be replaced. However, as Sergey says, it’s a small price to pay for unlimited language learning. Give it a try, you won’t look back!

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