How is the 90-days challenge going for everybody?

I wanted to know, are you guys finding the challenge hard or easy?

About Lingqs and lingqs learnt i find it quite easy to accomplish my daily/monthly goals, but when it comes to known words i struggle everyday to make the 50 known words the program is asking me.

I guess thats why its called /a challenge/. but my major problems is in weekeends when i like to take a rest, and then next week i need to manage to get at least 75 known words for a couple days to stay on track.
Let me know your impressions.

good luck to everybody with their challenges!

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I’m definitely not finding it easy, but that’s why it’s a challenge!

I’ve been busy this last fortnight, so while I had a flying start on the first week, after that I trailed off… but now that my projects are out of the way, I’ve focused the last two days getting back on track. I’m actually enjoying reading & listening through several Library lessons all in a row to meet my LingQs Created target for the last month. That’s something I probably wouldn’t do without the challenge, I usually wouldn’t care so much about meeting the targets.

The targets for LingQs Learned seems reasonable (for me it’s 7 a day), but I have no idea how I’d get to the 1000 Known Words per month target. The lessons I read don’t have enough names or English-like words that I would be adding to the Known Words list immediately on sight, and all the other words I learn via my LingQ flashcards anyway (so Known Words = LingQs Learned mostly, for me).

So I’m mostly just focusing on LingQs & LingQs Learned, and trying to boost my other scores higher than normal. No idea if that’s enough for the challenge, but it will definitely be a big increase over my previous learning efforts, which is the main point of the challenge anyway.

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Kimojima, I agree with your statement about the Known Words target being too high. Just yesterday I was thinking that it is unreasonable for me to have to know 61 Korean words per day. At that rate, I could die of indigestion. My LingQs target is 13. That seems a rather odd number too. It makes more sense to have the LingQs target set at 61 and Known Words at 13. And even that is a bit of a stretch.

I will LingQ hundreds of words over a period of days and weeks, but then I slow down this activity a bit to review lessons that I’m studying. I don’t consider this challenge to be a race to meet targets just for the sake of blindly rushing to the finish line, but a concentrated effort on my part to continue to delve deeply into the language. In any case, I’m ignoring the Known Words per day target because I am not going to stress myself out over some artificial number that doesn’t fit into my study routine.

Remove the Known Words requirement? I couldn’t agree more.

I too have met the LingQs created and LingQs known targets for my Russian challenge, but Known Words will be impossible to complete. For me known words are mainly place names or names of people.

The challenge is definitely a good thing - it has made me review vocab and encouraged a lot more reading.

Invariably at the end of my studying when I have met my listening and lingqing goals, I have to scare up some more “known words.” Usually it is a surprisingly large number that I must find. I meet the known words requirement by pulling up lessons (often easy lesssons) that I haven’t taken and looking for conjugations of verbs that I already know. Or since I’m studying German, other noun forms. It is at these times that I am thankful that LingQ counts different forms of words as different words!

Plus, there are those many German words that an English speaker gets for “free” - not exactly cognates but built of word parts that you recognize from English.

I don’t know how long this will be sustainable, but it is the only way to meet that goal - especially since I don’t flashcard.

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For me the targets are quite easy as I’m relitively new and i’m only at intemediate 1 level in lingq.

For the first 3 weeks i smashed it, but have been really busy this week. I’m hoping to catch up again next week. I do feel my comprehension has realy developed though, so I am really feeling the results.

I’m happy with how it is going. Normally i take a month off after a few weeks intensive, but with this challenge, I hope to keep focused.

Well, In my case I choosed Italian, that is a very easy language for me since my native language is Portuguese. I’m reading and listening a little bit every day, but I feel that it’s not enough and I could spend more time with the language. I’ll download a lot of content in my MP3 and I’ll spend all the day listening. But the big problem is that next week I’ll start to work, so I have no idea about my new rotine, but probably I’ll need to study after work, but I’ll go and back listening on the bus and train.