How Is it the app for Iphone working for you guys?

Hi, i´d like to know if the app is working well for the other users. Here is how is working for me:

  • Has bugs that make it crash every 5 minuts.
    -Some words doesnt change the colour. Sometimes they turn yellow when they should turn white. Or Blue when they should be yellow.
    -It should work offline, but since is disconnecting and logging out byitself , i cant login back when i dont have connection.

I have to say that some things have improved, for example now is easier to lingq phrases. Maybe is the app is not working for me because i havent got and updated IOS and i have the Iphone 5c. If i see that is working good on the other users i will consider updating my IOS. Thanks!

Hi Josu88,

The iOS app is working fine on our end. If it’s glitchy, I suggest un-installing it and re-installing it again.

Let us know if it’s still giving you issues.

maybe it has to do witht he fact that i have IOS 7 ? SHould it work better if i update to IOS 9?

Yes try that as well. I’ve been using the app with iOS 9.

ive tried with an ipad using an IOS 9. so far it was much better, but also the playlist were not properly saving on the app. And from time to time it was logging out, but much less often than in Iphone.

I am using IOS9 on my iPhone 5c. I bought it in the spring.
There are a couple small things that are still a problem after the latest update.

Here’s one:
When I start to play the sound for a lesson, it doesn’t always work the first time.
The first time, it often plays one second, maybe two, then just quits.
If I immediately play it again, it plays the whole thing.

I had other problems a while ago that were solved by a complete shutdown and restart of the phone.
Often it helps to just stop the app completely, then start it again.

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. We are working to make the app more stable. Please let us know if the app keep closing after playing the audio for a lesson.

on my iPad and on my iPhone i always have to type in the password two times - the second time it works…(both latest iOS - the same error happened on the older iOS versions as well)

Changing the status of a LingQ on the app for the iPad appears not to work properly. Everytime I do it, the highlighting changes immediately in response. but then a few second later it will change back. The status is actually changed but I need to refresh the lesson for it will look correct. The same is true of LingQing phrases. When I LingQ a phrase, I don’t usually then see the phrase LingQed in the lesson, but first have to refresh the lesson. There are other bugs, but these two problems are currently the biggest things interfering with my use of the app.

The second lesson of every course has only a Next button, no previous, just like the first lesson. Really minor.
Also minor: First play of a lesson ends after 1 second. Next is fine, though. Almost as if it doesn’t actually retrieve the sound file until you play it.

The same thing happends to me too! At first I thought it was strange but now I’m kind of used to it even if it’s annoying.

it is not working for me at the moment and it is really frustrated.

What specifically isn’t working? Can you not open the app at at?