How import a book with audio to lingq?

how import a book with audio to lingq ?

when the audio and too big?

What’s the size of the audio file you are trying to import?

3 hours. they are entire books

Are you sure that file is in mp3 format? Can you please check that?

I had to split long audios to upload the parts separately. There exist many audio editors.

I had recently problems uploading an audio file with 40 minutes. It was an old lesson where the external audio link didn’t work any longer. I had to split the audio into shorter parts and split the lesson text as well.

mp3 format

it’s hard work and hinders the progress of LingQ

Hi David,
3 hours long audio file is definitely way to much unfortunately. You will need to split it in several parts and make sure that any part isn’t more than 60MB size.