How I learnt German (with subtitles in English)

A great video from Torbyrne, a hyperpolyglot who speaks 16 languages (maybe more):

He talks about how communication and meaning is more important than speaking perfectly, and so would fit right in with us LingQers:)

Check out his video entitled ‘hyperpolyglot’ too!

Thank you for the Link. I wished my English would be as good as hims German :slight_smile:

I wish you would stop finding such gems! Well, that goes for nearly everyone’s postings - I seem to be spending more time following up links, or reading people’s wonderful blogs, or writing on the forum than studying (although I do try to decipher posts in other languages, too). Not only have I turned green with envy many a time when reading your contributions, by now I’ve run through the whole spectrum, what with all you guys being so interesting! Ein großes, großes Dankeschön to you, David, and everyone who is so active on the Forum!

Not to forget this really great video from Richard:

“Free language learning tips, links and advice”

Thank you Hans-Peter for the other interesting Link.
Danke Hans-Peter für den interessanten anderen Link.