How I learned Czech in 30 days

Hello everyone. I studied Czech for 30 days.

I used resources such as the Assimil and the textbook Cestina Express A1 level.

My plan is to reach the A2/B1 level and being able to communicate with Czechs on basic daily topics in 90 days.
In my mind, it’s about A2/low B1 level.

So, I have 60 days yet.

Do you think this sounds possible?Can someone share their experience in learning Czech?

Video of my progress:

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Very well. Just remember that your g is an h in czech.

Exactly, thank you:)

I’ve seen your post on Reddit. Surprise to see you here too. You are probably the most popular beginner learning Czech today, or perhaps, the only one. Good luck in your journey.

As for the second question, given that you already know two other Slavic languages, I think it is possible to get there. Just make sure you are doing the right thing. I don’t know much about Assimil and the Czech book, but just make sure you get lots of listening. At a certain point, you may want to start with YouTube videos, though with Czech there is this tiny little problem. It doesn’t have/support auto-generated subtitles, which helped me tremendously with my German. Therefore, most of your videos won’t have them. You will have to rely on listening alone.
Also, keep in mind that formal and informal Czech vary a lot, unlike in other languages. Therefore, if you learn just from books, you may sound a bit awkward in more informal conversations. It is not like slang, everybody uses that. It might be similar in Ukrainian, I don’t know.

Anyway, as I said, good luck and let’s see your progress in 3 months.

I once completed an old french Assimil book from the 50s. I loved it. Then I did the czech one which is from a much newer generation and found it dreadfully boring.

I took a B1 exam in some 2 years in Prague
Good luck!

Ahaha, thank you:)
I also trying to speak with Czech on Interpals and Tandem:D