How i can earn points sharing lessons?

I everybody. I am a spanish teacher and I want to know how can i earn points sharing content?. “Help” page says: "you can earn points tutoring others estudents, changing tasks, inviting friends, and also “sharing content”… but it dont explain how earn points sharing content. Thanks in advanced for your answer

User who want to pay for lessons, text corrections, and other such things on LingQ need to buy points, which they then use to pay for these things. Points expire after 3 months, meaning that if users don’t use all their points within 3 months of buying them, they will lose them. All expired points get given to the users who have shared content in the library.

It would be great of course if you were to share content in the library, but don’t do it in order to get points. You will get very few points from shared lessons.

Thanks for your time. I really apreciate it.