How Hours Listened is calculated?

Hi. I’m curious how this stat is calculated because it seems to be calculated wrong. I had 0 time today and listened to 11:35 long YouTube video. This stat show me that I got 0,39 of an hour listened today. My calculations shows me that 0,39 it is an over 23 minutes.
I was listened to ~31 minutes during my workout yesterday and this stat showed me over an hour of listened content.
Something is apparently wrong or I don’t understand how it works.

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There might be a connectivity issue which means that it didn´t register, or sometimes if you have multiple windows open it can effect things. Personally I wouldn´t worry, you can add your listening times if you wish.

Thanks for reporting, we will check if there are any issues. Are you using app or web version?

Hi. I’m using the iOS version.

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I’m using the web version, and I just found out today that time spent listening does not save automatically every few minutes or so. If you close your browser without exiting the lesson (or if you lose connectivity, or if your computer hangs or crashes, or anything like that), the time you spend listening does not get saved.

So, if you want your time spent listening to be recorded, you have to make sure to exit the lesson.