How has the way you use LingQ changed?

I’ve noticed some changes to the way I use LingQ over the past couple years and were wondering if anyone has also had some changes, whether for the better or worse.

I used to create LingQs when I read a lesson. I used to read a lesson several times. I used to never import content. And most of all I never used the forums, the give a rose function, profiles, etc.

However it seems that since the new LingQ 4.0 that I have changed my habits quite a bit.

Now I create all my LingQs before I read. I usually only read the lesson once now, even at the beginner stage. I quickly move onto new content and import tons of extra material. I am more active on the forums, give roses to posts I find helpful, try to help people out more with language learning tips.

These changes have made the language learning process a lot more fun, motivational and interesting.

So my question is how has the way you use LingQ changed since you first started?


Other than adjusting to the changes in lingq over the years, I haven’t changed much if anything.

I started off obsessing over understanding, making sure I knew close to every word before moving on.

Then I slowly transitioned into caring less and less about stats and just read and made a ton of lingqs.

Now I’m back to somewhere inbetween, after noticing slow improvement and that a bit more of a conscious effort is essential to retention.

Outside of the learning element I’ve noticed that the challenges is what keeps me coming back. Same thing applies to the ‘apple counter’ showing you how many days in a row you’ve met your lingq creation goal. I used to read the forum all the time, but unfortunately it’s a bit dead. And there’s only so much to talk about in terms of language learning before you’re just tracing the foot steps of older discussions over and over.

I still have no idea what I’m doing!

Jokes aside though, I notice that I have developed my own habits regarding LingQ in the last couple of years.
Like @Sorensen, I too, in the beginning, was obsessed about understanding EVERYTHING in a lesson before I would even consider moving on to a next lesson.

But over time I started caring less about understanding and more about good input.

I think LingQ is like many systems, one that you will get used to (in your own way) over time.

Now I find that I for example create LingQ’s before reading an article, but when I read a book I tend to create them during the reading process itself.

I also stopped adding the hours listened manually to my stats because I stopped caring haha.

That’s all I can think of for now ^^