How has a new language positively impacted your life?

Whether it be career, relationships, traveling, or so on, what’s the biggest impact a new language has had on your life?

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Still don’t know but for sure I love the process of language acqusition. At least I can work as a teacher of English but I hate children so…

Je ne sais encore pas mais evidemment j’adore l’acquisition des langues. Au moins je peux travailler comme le prof de l’Anglais mais je déteste les enfants donc…


Because I have a low intermediate level of Spanish I gained a 10% salary increase in my Job.

Oh my! Are they hiring? Do I have to be in Australia? lol


Puerto Rican girlfriends and other hot MAMACITAS!!!

Just kidding.

I have very much enjoyed my trips to Spain, but I’ve yet to travel abroad since finding LingQ and getting good at Spanish. Careerwise, I use it often in my job, but it has yet to translate into a pay boost or other recognition from my few superiores, other than them being impressed. However, I do have a small consulting practice for some outside work I do and I’ve been able to snare some document translation projects which have brought me some periodic cash.

Most of all, I am grateful for having actually achieved “fluency” and I think I will be quite satisfied with where I am 80 hours from now. (1,200-1,400 total study hours). I never thought I’d get there until I found Master Steve 10 years ago and starting LingQ 6 years ago (working on and off). I am particularly pleased at the confident I’ve gained that it’s actually possible to do and thus I’ll be able to learn French or other language.


Cuando empiezas a aprender otro idioma que no es tu lengua nativa, que no es tuya, definitivamente es algo especial. Puedes ser parte de un mundo totalmente diferente. Es decir que una puerta abre y estás surgido dentro de una nueva cultura donde puedes conocer muchos nativos con que puedes hablar y con que puedes establecer nuevas relaciones. Obviamente estoy aprendiendo el español ahora y estoy disfrutando el proceso. Antes de empezar mi aventura, nunca pensaría que obtendría un nivel intermedio en español, estoy muy contento. Planeo a continuar con mis estudios y en el futuro quiero estudiar el francés.


The adjective “new” is interesting. it has at least two meanings.
A new language might mean an old language which is unfamiliar to a person. It is possible that you learn an old language as a new language. I wonder what “a new car” means in English.


日本語に翻訳する場合には、「新しい言語(new language)」ではなく「新しく学んだ言語(newly learned language)」という言い方をすれば、誤解されなくなると思います。