How handle english introduction to each chapter in a Spanish Book?

Hi everyone. I am brand new to LingQ. I have a course I want to import into LingQ. I am a native english speaker and I am learning Spanish. Each chapter of my starts with an introduction in English. I do not want to add the english words to LingQ list of Spanish know or unknown words.

How do I handle this challenge? Essentially, I want LingQ to operate as if the English words do not exist.

Any advice? Gracias!

Salt Lake City, Utah

After you import a book, what you can do is to open a lesson in Edit Lesson view and remove English part from text. Edit Lesson option can be found under the menu (three dots) at the top of the lesson page.

Or, you can simple just ignore English words when going through lesson and they won’t be included in your stats.


This is what I do when I come across English in my Spanish learning.

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Thank you Zoran and LILingquist. I’m glad to know about the “edit” option. In the end, I decided to simply ignore the english words since they do not impact my stats. Gracias!

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