How exactly to get 1 "LingQ" for your daily goal

What is the exact requirement for 1 LingQ?
I’m searching and searching, but I can’t find an exact information on how to reach my daily “LingQ” goal.
I love the idea of a point system, I think it’s motivating and the app seems perfect, but I need to know what is required to get a “LingQ” (I need 13 per day, based on the “moderate” level). Again: not the points to buy something but the daily goal "LingQ"s. I would love to get the premium after fully understanding how the app works.
Thanks for your help

You can set your Daily LingQs goal under the settings button (gear icon) on the home page.
Minimum Daily Goal is 13, maximum 100. By saving enough LingQs (yellow words), you can reach your Daily Goal and try to build your streak for as long as possible > daily goals reached in a row.

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Click in a word → click in a translation → you have a LingQ.
You need to do this 13 times a day to keep your streak, or you can change your goal at will.

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So one saved (yellow) word is one LingQ?