How does this Site work ? Where are the FAQs and tutorials?

How does this site work? where are the tutorials ? Why is it so hard to find out what the heck is going on ? How to reset things when It does something I don’t want or understand?
Maybe LingQ should hire someone who isn’t a computer expert to go over this site and explain to the programmers what it’s like to use this site for the first time and not expect everyone to be a computer genius ! I want to learn a Language not how to be a computer programmer . I’m not giving up but for crying out loud what a lousy site to navigate and learn. I’ll probably be able to speak another language sooner than figure out this website. Certainly won’t be recommending it that is for sure.


Hi Grover97!
Sorry to hear that. The basic tutorial should appear for new users when they enter the site after registration. Has it not shown up to you?
Also, the Support Centre is always available by clicking the blue “?” widget in the bottom right corner of the Library (main page). Or feel free to ask your questions here :hugs:

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While I wouldn’t put it in the same terms as the OP, I agree with the gist of what they’re saying. Speaking as both a UX/UI pro and a language learner, I’ve found LingQ…pretty irritating. This is definitely not an intuitive site to use, and after about a week of consistent use, I still haven’t found repeatable processes to do exactly what I want.

I highly recommend getting a good UX firm to do an external audit—I think there are some fundamental design decisions that should be questioned.


It is like buying a Kindle that is optimized for tracking word retention. There is no well defined path for fluency like other platforms (and I think this is a good thing). However, I can understand the feeling of ‘what am I missing?’ after I first started. I would recommend searching on Youtube for how people use it. A video or two and you will get more than enough to just start.

I did a search for “how to use lingQ” and “how to find content for LingQ.”

Don’t worry you will understand how the site works in time. It’s a bit confusing at first, but you’ll get it in time as I said.
Every time I click some things in this site, I learn something new. And yes, I can’t say it’s the easiest interface.

“I would recommend searching on Youtube for how people use it.”

And that’s the problem. If people are so confused that they have to go find YouTube tutorials to figure out what to do, there’s something wrong with the UX/UI and user onboarding.

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This never showed up for me (as far as I’m aware). Could you tell me where to access it?

Hi @Pr0metheus Regrettably, the onboarding guide (tooltips with explanatory text & animation) is exclusively accessible for newly created accounts (it shows user the basic information). However, comprehensive guides for various sections of the website are available at the following link Knowledge Base - LingQ Language Forums. These guides are segmented into categories and include concise explanatory text, accompanying screenshots, and video recordings to illustrate the usage of different features. Hope it is what you are looking for. Thanks

  1. Open a lesson that sounds easy to you
  2. click on a blue word
  3. look through the translations
    (optional 3.5 if you don’t find a fitting translation use one of the dictionaries to add one by yourself)
  4. klick on the translation to make it a lingq (the word is now yellow)
  5. repeat from step 2

that is pretty much it. The idea is that you listen to a lot of material and have a transcript to look up words quickly.

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