How does the web "loop button" works?

I used lingQ using a computer. I use the web-based version.
I noticed that there is a loop button in the audio player section.

Is there any information on how it works?

You click it and it loops the audio…

Does “looping” the audio mean it repeats it over and over?

Is this a wind up? Press the button and see what it does. Or google the word ‘loop’.

Of course it’s not a wind up, but a sincere question. Couldn’t you have just said yes or no?


Couldn’t you have just said nothing and minded your own business?

to answer your question, yes it replays only the track you are playing over until you switch tracks manually.

I just wanted to know what the response button is for.

I had the same question. It appears to loop the entire audio file. I would prefer to have had a loop button for a specific section within the file. It would be nice to loop a section without having to hit back.