How does the Hindi language sound to you?

I just wanted to know how one of my mother tongue sounds to people who don’t understand it. Does it sound sweet or harsh, rhythmic or rubbish. Feel free to share your opinions.

It sounds absolutely arhythmic and I have no idea what your tongue is doing to the back of your teeth. Generally, it puts me in the mood for a gas station hot dog or burrito. It sounds exotic and beautiful though. Its definetly on my evergrowing list of “one day, maybe after retirement” languages.

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I love it - it sounds musical to my ears because the intonation goes up and down quite a lot, unlike (British) English which is relatively flat. It also sounds a little bit like the Welsh accent (which I also like).

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Here, listen to some great new Hindi songs:

सुन रहा है ना तू (Sun raha hai na tu) (You are listening, aren’t you?) :

Male version of the above song:

तुम ही हो मेरी आशिकी (Tum hi ho meri aashiqui) (You are my love) :

I like this song. I’m also used to it a little bit because Indian tv shows are very popular here. Little Bride especially.