How does one become a LingQ tutor?

I am interesting in correcting writing in English. I am a native speaker and would be able to tutor students at all levels. How can I become a tutor on LingQ?

@avavre - Go to the help section on the Speak page and the Write page to see FAQ’s related to tutoring. Good luck!

What do I need to do if I do not have any reports to correct? Thanks for your help!

Many learners have their established favourite tutors. To make people more aware of you, you could create content for our library. Even commenting on our forum, or answering language questions from our users can help make people aware that are prepared to help them as a corrector.

When creating content for the library, should I write the lessons myself or copy the text from public domain sources? Could I use text from a book and provide the listening part of the lesson?

@avavre1: Texts from text books are usually copyrighted and therefor you cannot use them. But you are free to take texts from the public domain and create the mp3 file for them. Great is if you write your own lessons :slight_smile:

i am interesting in becoming a chinese tutor for you guys

I am interesting to teach you physics tutor for those who need…

I would like to be bulgarian tutor, because I am native bulgarian person.

I signed up, but it is a student page, how can I become a tutor here?

Hi DJ93,
First you’ll need to choose your teaching languages (Exchange requests and Conversation requests language) on the Settings page, Notifications tab (Login - LingQ).
If you want to host conversations, you should input available conversation time in your calendar. You can start creating some conversations now by going to Teach page (Exchange > Teach) on LingQ and clicking on “Add/Edit Conversations” on the right hand side.
If you want to correct writing or provide other Exchange services, you should go to the Exchange and look for requests to respond to. Part of being a successful tutor also involves creating lessons or being active on the Ask a tutor forum so that learners start to learn who you are.
Click here to learn more about tutoring on LingQ: Tutoring Help

Login - LingQ Use this link to create your profile

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