How does one add a video?

How does one post a video successfully on LingQ ?

I have tried many times without success.

I go to Edit , then Resources , then Video and there are two fields.
One a smaller bow above a larger box. The larger box is entitle “Description”

I have tried many combinations of pasting the video link (from Youtube) into one or the other of these boxes.
actually I find that if I paste the share link in the upper part and the embed code in the bottom part I can get the video to play.
But it shows two screens. One as a broken link and the other one works.

But I don’t think it is meant to be like this. Furthermore other videos from Veoh for example don’t work at all.

Hi pippip,
It’s enough to just copy-paste YouTube video link into field above “Description”. I’ve just tried it and it works fine. Take a look at this screenshot: