How does Linq decide you know a word

I have turned off my flashcards. I just started french, I haven’t labeled any word as known but it says I know 5 words.

Do you have “Paging moves to known” option enabled under the settings? If so, each time you move pages all remaining blue words on the page will be made known. Even if you have that option disabled, when you complete a lesson, all remaining blue words will be considered known, so make sure not to leave any blue words behind.

That is what was happening. Thanks so much for answering my question.

Dear Zoran, thanks for your kind help in this case.
It’s been one of many. I can only guess that there will be lots of new users all the time who run into this problem but who will never ask for help but who will just stop using the site.
Paging moves to known is certainly a feature that can save some time sometimes but I am sure in most cases it annoys new users, especially because you have to inactivate it every time you login on a different hardware (e.g. people learning while they are taking breaks at work) or when you logout/login in the app. Of course, experienced users will make use of it in certain phases of their progress in a language.

In my own case, I hardly ever use this feature. I am mostly enjoying modern Greek here (mother tongue is German), a language with many verb forms, and a language where the existing popular translation are very often very misleading because a lot of users before me apparently just have picked any existing hint for their LingQs to gain many LingQs in as little time as possible. There are hints that aren’t even German, there are nouns as hints for verbs, etc. Therefore I look at each and every word I am adding and create a valid new LinQ. What could I use Paging moves to known for in this context? I would only consolidate wrong hints in the system.

Therefore I think “paging does not move to known” should be standard and the de facto standard should be an option. This would make LingQ more accessible for beginners and not slower for seasoned learners. What do you think about this?


I agree. When you are new you are likely to be clicking around, paging and not really knowing what you’re doing. Therefore the action of it it automatically setting words to known is extremely confusing and I think it shouldn’t be activated by default.

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Thanks for your support :slight_smile: