How does Lingq count your vocabulary size?

This might seem like a silly question but im just wondering. Is lingq accurate at estimating this? I would like to track my progress in that way, and am learning Ukrainian which of course has cases. Does Lingq count every word, or just the root word? If they’re counting every word, that isn’t very accurate.

LingQ counts every word. You can ignore different worms of the same word if you don’t want to include it into Known word statistics. But for now we have no way to identify this different forms and count them all as same word.

Thanks thats what i thought. Ill do that!

I don’t advise you to ignore the different forms, that has a lot of drawbacks:

  • sometimes you don’t remember if you declared a different form known
  • some forms are easy to identify and some are not, you may want to declare the former known but ling the former until you become familiar with them, that’s particularly true of some obscure forms, such as verbal participles
  • the exact border between a different word and a different for is often unclear (as an example in Russian, пать (five in nominative) and пяти (five in genitive) are clearly two forms of the same word, but how about пятёрка (number five in some series as buses or grades) or пятеро (group of five)? Or пятиэтажный (five-storied)?
  • It would also make your progress hard to measure against other users (who typically don’t ignore different forms)
  • it might become a hassle because you have to actively ignore each form, whereas you can just page ahead to pass all forms to “known”.

What most learners of highly inflectional languages do is to treat each form as a different words and then estimate how many “word families” we may know based on the number of known word forms.
In my experience in Russian, I would say that knowing a certain amount of word forms is a good indicator that you may know between a quarter and a fifth of that amount in word families.

I wish you success in your learning, nikoletta1995

That is also a good option. Thanks for the input!