How do you use VOCABULARY

Frankly,I do not used to review vocabulary on vocabulary module.
Everybody have good experience?Thanks.

Since no one has answered this one I figure I will.

I like to use the flashcard system here. It is better than using a spaced repetition system. I will pick ten words, or more sometimes, a day and review them like crazy throughout the day. I’ll just review and review those ten words as many times I can. I’ll shuffle them and reverse them until I think I have them down. To me, the real question is whether or not I can identify the word in my reading and listening. More so listening actually.

Does it work? Yes and no. Your brain will only pick up the words it wants to pick up. Should one review words via flashcards once in a while? I think so. I like to quiz myself when I am on the computer and see how well or poor I do. Should it be the only thing you do? Of course not. I actually find that I words better when I am reading and listening to them.

Hope that somewhat answers your question.

I use flashcard system very actively.
Alas, the top words in my vocabulary seems mostly hard in whole language :slight_smile:
Periodically I let me go throuh to others “not so important” and forgotten words by switching on random page of my vocabulary and starting flashing. Usually I found at least 2-3 “victim” words that I’ve already know :slight_smile:

I am not so thorough. I prefer to review my vocabulary on a random basis. Sometimes I do the daily email. Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I review my tags. Sometimes I review words by searching for prefixes and the like.

I like doing flash cards before and after I read a text, when these words are most closely connected to a context. I do not expect to review all my words, nor to learn them all at any point in time.

I always procrastinate reviewing my daily emails. In my inbox I still have more than 100+ emails, which I hope to review one day.

I used to keep them too and review them when I could but now I just delete them if I don’t get to them that day. I’ll meet them again in my reading later or review them when they come another day. It’s quite liberating to just let them go when I don’t have the time and accept that I will meet them later again. Of course, I still try to review them the day they come if I can.