How do you use the podcast you study?

Hey people, I’m Elias and I would like to know how do you study the podcast you use. How long you like them to be, you read first without listening or vice versa. Please I’m willing to improve the way I go throughout the podcast and study.
Thank you, and Waiting like a crazy for your answers

You should try what works better for you.

I like to listen a lot before I read if I ever read. When I read a lot later it will probably be something not related to the podcasts.

My shortest ones are one word long for spanish or russian rrrrrrrr.
My longest ones are 4 hours long radio talk shows.

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I had a friend who was using internet help a lot, he listened for like 2 hours

I like the 10-minute length of the LingQ podcasts. I feel that 10 minutes is just the right length because you usually have many 10-minute periods throughout the day when you can listen, and it’s not so long that it feels like a huge undertaking. That’s why I created my own podcast based entirely on 10-minute conversations. Ideally I listen first, then read the transcript, then listen several more times.


I like the 10 minute podcasts myself as well. There’s a lot of content usually, which means I can spend time on that one lesson rather than jump between 5-10 1-2 minute podcasts.

I also find that listening to fewer but longer episodes is a better way to reach my target, especially when I’m doing a 90-day challenge (and even more so when the target was 45 minutes per day). The idea of listening to 20+ two-minute episodes somehow seems so much more exhausting than five 10-minute episodes.