How do you use Tag?

Hi LingQ friends,

I would like to ask all of you how do you use tag? I want to take advantage of this, but I don’t know how. I have only 1 tag, “useful phase”.

Hello Yasuko,
if you have open the LingQ box you can create the tags because tags are your own idea.
My tags have name as: phrase, adjective, question - but all in short form
If you have created tags you can choose these when you open the tag-box.
Then all created tags will be shown.
You can choose more then one on one way.
The tags help you to bild groups. On the right you can see the tags you have created.
If you click on one you will receive all words or phrases they have this tag.
Then you can learn with them using the flashcards.

you can create so many tags you want to have.
Take shortenings, for “useful phrase” = “phrase”, it is enough.
For “adjective” the short form could be “adj.” and so on.

Important: You have to create them and they will showed you when you are clicking on the Tag-bos in the LingQ-box.

You may ask again when you have other questions too. I’m learning English and don’t know if my words are correct :slight_smile: