How do you use 'beziehungsweise' in sentences

I read and watch the news everyday and this word comes up again and again. Just wondering if someone could give me a few example sentences as there seems to be various ways of using it.

Thanks in advance

You have to use it for example to show that you are talking about several persons or things which are related but not 100% defined.
For example:
Ich meine Ihn beziehungsweise (bzw.) seine Freundin…
Es handelt such um einen Fehler bzw. eine Abweichung…
Es könnte sein, dass er es getan hat bzw. beteiligt war…
So every time you´re not really sure if someone did something or there is a Probleme which you don´t know the exact cause for , you can use “beziehungsweise” to show, that there are for example could be many people involved in an action or that there could be different causes for a problem, but you cannot exactly define it

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Thanks! This helps a lot.