How do you upload video from youtube?

How do you upload video from you-tube?
I have tried many times and always unsuccessfully.
Are there instructions somewhere?

Hi! This post is a bit outdated as far as the design goes, but it should hopefully give you an idea of how you can add a YouTube video as a resource to a private lesson that you have imported:

Let us know if you still have questions!

Thank you for the reply but I think I was going through the upload process correctly however the videos won’t play.
I have tried uploading 5 or 6 different videos from you tube and every time I just get a black window with the message that there has been an error,

Thanks for the additional information! I checked another lesson and the video functionality seems to be working properly, so it might be the URL you are entering. Would you send me a link to the lesson you have added a video to so that I can confirm if the URL was entered in the right format?

I think that you can thank the Belgiums for this issue :slight_smile: The youtube URL shortened URLs don’t seem to work from what I recall. I think that if you click “Share” on any youtube video, for example, you’ll get a URL shortened version of the video, such as BBC Languages - French - Ma France - Unit 9 - Eating Out - Video C - YouTube. I found that wouldn’t work as compared to the full domain URL BBC Languages - French - Ma France - Unit 9 - Eating Out - Video C - YouTube. I’d guess it’s related to the shortened URL doing an HTTP redirect to the full domain location of the video?

Here is the URL for the lesson. It’s a private lesson so if you need me to make it public let me know.

OK as Shanplourde wrote it was the shortened URL that was the problem.
I just tried uploading with the full URL and it worked fine.
Thank you very much for solving that problem for me.
I’m sure other people must be encountering the same issue.

Good catch! I’ll take note of this and we’ll see if we can add support for shortened URLs as well.