How do you think I can learn Danish?

I’m trying to learn Danish. I know that it will be difficult, but I like Denmark’s culture and I would like to travel there someday. Has anybody learnt this language? What can you suggest me to struggle with his 40 vowels? Do you know any good online resource?

Thanks a lot to all of you.

I have found the following set of links to study Danish -
It has been prepared by one of the Russian fans. Most of the titles are in Russian, but inside there are a lot of materials in English. Look, may be you will find something interesting and useful for you.

Tusind tak, @geseno! I will find “Дания в диалогах” very useful once I reach the intermediate level.

Jeg laerer dansk siden 4 âr. Her er nogle nyttige websider for dig:

Held og lykke med dansk!


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Tusind tak also for you, @Fasulye! After listening in Youtube to a Danish conversation, I think I will need a lot of luck :smiley: