How do you study your words?

How do you study your words?

Exposure: In all aspects of the language. For example, if I am reading, most of the time it is similar topics so creating a LingQ makes it where if I come across it again, I refer back to the hint I made.

In writing/speaking, if I want to know how to say a specific word or phrase, I ask a native speaker and then I begin trying to use it in many ways to try to concrete the word into active knowledge as opposed to passive.

The trickiest part, at least for me, is listening comprehension. The beauty of LingQ is, as you’re reading you are able to listen to the words. As you read more, you will begin hearing words more and more and you will be able to not only comprehend it, but actively recall what the word is.

I don’t

I don’t I just expose myself to lots and lots of words daily and overtime I begin to know these words.

As I’m reading, if I come across a Level 1 LingQ that I feel I know, I change it to Level 2. Once a day I do a review of 25 LingQs, filtering them to only show those that are Level 2 or 3.

i used to use Memrise when i first started learning Spanish because I thought it would help words stick and help me memorize everyday phrases. However, my first 6 months of learning Spanish was before I stumbled upon LingQ.

I deleted Memrise shortly after I started LingQ.

To expand on why I use this method if it’s not already clear: it means that my words for review are words that I’m already pretty confident with. Reviewing them helps consolidate that. If you review Level 1 LingQs that you really don’t know at all, the first time you see it in review you’ll probably have no idea. But you can actually train yourself to get them right in the review and get them ‘known’ pretty quickly but it’s a kind of cramming and a few days or weeks down the line you’ll likely have forgotten them. Instead, it’s not until after I see those Level 1 LingQs in context a few times and begin to learn them that way that I change them to Level 2 and then start reviewing for consolidation.

And one more thing: when I mean review, I mean show the word/phrase in your native language and see if you can produce the word/phrase in the target language.