How do you spend a vacation?

In Russia the vacation season lasts from May to September approximately. Some people prefer beach rest. Others prefer to make a tour of the foreign country cities. And many other variants are practicable, of course. What about you?

I tend to say that the whole year is vacation time for me. It is always possible to take any sort of the short vacation, drive or fly to other places or countries and so on.

I travel so much that the best holidays for me are those I spend at home.

Travel it is interesting! I seldom go in business trips. Therefore I always wait the holiday in order to go somewhere. I like to rest in various cities abroad. It is like to appear in other world. Culture, buildings, language are differently. But simultaneously I feel that it is same people.

I am sorry, if I has written with mistakes.

I like variety in all things…and that includes vacation. I live in California, and visit beautiful National Parks like Yosemite. I have visited the beach on one day…and gone to play in the snow the next. Hiking, swimming, diving, or just cruising are all fun activities. Sometimes I kayak in a near by river, other times I go mountain bike riding on a nearby wilderness trail. Recently I took up snowboarding, but sometimes, for something a bit more relaxing, I go bird watching or take up nature photography.

I mostly go on trips that are close to home, and require very little money. International travel is a luxury that I can seldom afford. Surprisingly, I have managed to visit 7 countries, but I really don’t consider myself well traveled. When I do travel internationally, I like to interact with the local people, and soak in the local culture.

For me a true vacation includes no, or few, demands on me and I find travel to be a little stressful, so I don’t usually consider travel a vacation, but an adventure. One thing that I do like about traveling though is that when I fly I can spend time doing pleasure reading without feeling guilty and like I should be working on my homework instead.

Travel is a great stimulator. It is like pressing a reset or refresh button in my brain.

I want to visit Egypt in order to see fine fishes and fine sea. What do you think about Red sea and Egypt?

I think that vacation dedpend from your company and people,who spend hollidays with you!good friend-successful trip!

I agree, with you Marisabelle. But some people prefer trip alone. The own wishes should be considered.

So, Ksenia, how did you spend your vacation? :wink:

I think there are two kinds of “going places”. One is for vacation, one is for travel. When you go for vacation, you go in order to rest in a place where there is very little to do. Many of my friends go on cruises for vacation, or go someplace with a nice beach. When they get there, they just want to relax. But when I go, I like to travel to a place where I will be constantly busy with many new things to experience and see.

Walking is a great way to see a city, so I like to pick a city, and then plan to stay near the center for about a week. I would go longer were I able to do so. While there, I like to just walk around a lot, possibly targeting one scheduled museum, or park or activity per day.

I agree with KnowItSome that some people “just want to relax”. I like this rest but I think it’s wrong. This is due to a mad rhythm of life in the metropolis. Оn other hand to see the famous world landmarks is a great way to rest. I hope it’s in future. To date there is restriction from the duration of the flight for baby son.

In addition in Russia there are a lot of interesting historical and cultural places for visiting local people and people from other countries.The bad servis is a trouble for these places. I’m sorry about it. So people from Russia know more and visit historical and cultural places in other countries then in own country.

I disagree with you Sergey. I prefer to visit places in Russia, as well as some my friends. But the majority prefer cheap tours, that’s why they spend their vacations in Turkey and Egypt. After my trip to Vladivostok (Magnitogorsk-Moscow-Vladivostok-Moscow-Magnitogorsk) I heard “you are crazy! Antalia would be much cheaper” a lot. But some my friends said “wow!!” (perhaps, they are as crazy as I am… Last year a couple of them were on Baikal, and another couple took trip by Volga river)

I agree with Sergey. The most of people prefer to spend vacation in other countries. I think that bed service and overcharge are main reasons of it.

KnowItSome: Your position about holiday is close to me. I also prefer to spend my vacation in new cities.

Annabell, I have understood at this summer - a beach rest is not for me, I like more active rest and new places. I have tried both ways to spend the vacation at this summer. It is very interestingly for me to live by absolute other life (language, tradition, cookery, ect.) some time!!! I am sorry for my mistakes, if you are seeing it now. :slight_smile:

I’m only very glad that you and some your friends be able to visit interesting places in Russia.I would like that such some people would be more and you didn’t heard “you are crazy! Antalia would be much cheaper”.I think people from Russia should better know own country.During his life, I have been in Tiksi, Anadyr, Kamchatka and Tynda, Khakassia, in specified you cities and many other places.But if there is a choice of organized recreation or informal I will choose the organized family vacation. Unfortunately, a choice of the majority Turkey and Egipt is an indicator of not high level life in Russia. Some people without troubles with money faster prefer Europe,Australia,USA e.t.c but not Magnitogorsk-Moscow-Vladivostok because of better servis.In my opinion some people without troubles with money prefer interesting and hard to reach areas in Russia when they are not inspired by other countries.Important to them drive but not a service.So these people are not very many.Long live differences of opinion!