How do you say THAT?

Maybe this is a little stupid but I found on YouTube a “tag” where people record themselves saying the following words.
It’s really fun/funny/interesting to see different pronunciations of these from different people. Since there’s a really diverse group on Lingq I thought it would be fun to share how we say these.

The words:
Ramen Noodles
New Orleans

I recorded a little vocaroo message of me saying them. I hope this quick format is okay for an easy glimpse. (It might be loud.) Vocaroo | Online voice recorder
I hope you record them too. Or just feel free to say how you differ from me.

Here’s mine:

Interesting exercise… hope others join. I notice we pronounce most words a little differently.

I also find Vocaroo interesting. I think that if people were able to record and send recordings to LingQ that easily, as well as facilitate the transcribing by those who could then claim bonus points as their content, there would be a lot more content in various languages on LingQ.

It seems like everyone I’ve seen on YouTube and such pronounces chocolate the same way so I’m not sure why that’s there.

But yeah I notice that you say New Orleans a lot differently. Also for drawer I just say “draar” but you say the w. And some other differences too.
I hear a baby too. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh yeah, my kids are always underfoot when I am studying at the computer, blame them for any typos

and I always say “draar”, I don’t why it came out of my mouth that way

just a thought, people could “vocaroo” forum posts by adding the link to the text. Sort of like a slow telephone conference call… adds a new dimension ( and new worries) to the forum

spoken text Vocaroo | Online voice recorder

This is interesting, and a bit of fun.

I like that idea of reading out the posts.
I find it a little embarrassing to actually do though.

I’d never guess you’re Australian from your accent, peter. Cool though.

I hope eventually some nonnative speakers will do it too. I like hearing all accents.

Interesting idea.

Be aware of there FAQ:
“How long will my message be stored on Vocaroo?
Unfortunately due to Vocaroo’s increasing popularity, automatic deletion of messages is now occurring.
Messages recorded by logged-in users will expire after 5-6 months. Messages recorded anonymously and without an account will be deleted after 1-2 months.”

And they only provide downloads in Ogg and WAV.

Especially I like their humor on the information page: “For help using Vocaroo, please take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page. For other kinds of help you may wish to consult your doctor or psychiatrist.” :slight_smile:

I can’ t play with you, There are some words I have no idea how I have to pronounce them…

Oh, you can still participate!
You can just say the words you want. Or you can try to copy someone that already did it in pronunciation.


Here’s mine: Vocaroo | Online voice recorder

Sorry about the background noise. :-/ Hopefully I’m still intelligible.

First nonnative? Perhaps this will motivate the others:

Here’s mine: Vocaroo | Online voice recorder

OK, let’s throw the first cats over the fence (as we say in Polish on such occasion :wink: and here goes a sample of my pronunciation:

I try to sound British, but I guess some traces of my native Polish are still audible, aren’t they? Feel free to comment, I’d like to improve my accent.

Only the faintest hint, some non-British pronunciation, but very well spoken!

Czech accent

Here’s mine - Vocaroo | Online voice recorder

Russian accent.

Here’s mine, early-morning voice, German accent:

don’t know what kind of accent is mine, probably sounds more like american accent.

Your accent is your mother tongue accent, with a tendency towards American, while mine tends towards British English.

yes SanneT , this is what I wanted to say , thanks!