How do you read books in LingQ?

Every day I listen audio and read text from audio. I do it hard: 20-30 times
But I want read books in English, I like science fiction.
And I think, if I import book to Lingq system, what happen with my vocabulary, because I do not want learn that book hard, I want just read.

I just want to read a book in English. I have Kindle, but I think that easy read book here.
Hope you understand my question.

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Do it easy. Read it 1 time instead of 20-30 times. You enjoy. You learn.

Just enjoy the book. If you don’t understand everything, that isn’t a problem.You just need to understand the main idea of the book. If you need to go back and reread a page or two once or twice for clarification do it, but don’t get caught up with reading over and over again trying to be perfect, that will make the book boring.

Hi Min2augas, if you like science fiction books, you should try this one, Deathwold, about a gambler who becomes involved with colonists of an extremely hostile planet. You can find it in the library of LingQ so It’s easy to check the words you don’t know. I recommend it for people who want to read his first unabridged book, because Its short, chapter per day for example.(It was my firs unabridged book in English) Nice voice. Lots of new words.

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Yes, reading books on LingQ is a great thing to do and much easier than reading a paper book or reading on a Kindle. I have read quite a few books in Italian in the last year or so and I would never have read them without LingQ. See this blog post I wrote on how to convert your ebooks from Kindle and get them onto LingQ. If you import the book, it will work like any other lesson on LingQ.

You can also check the library as suggested below where you will also find some good books, including many classic books.

Mark, I read your blog post, and I’m wondering about this:

Step 4 – Import to LingQ

Now that you have your text, copy and paste it into the Import Lesson page on LingQ. It will automatically get split into 2000 word parts and turned into a course. I always make sure to add an image to the first lesson as well which will then become the course image. It just makes it a little more fun to see the image on the course and lessons. Please don’t share these lessons with others in the Library unless you are sure they are copyright free.

For me it doesn’t automatically get split into 2000 word parts and turned into a course. Instead I get this error message:

An error has occurred while processing your request. Depending on the type of error, it may be automatically logged and reviewed by our team so please retry your request in a few minutes. If you are still getting this error message after a few minutes, please email us at

This happens everytime, and I’ve tried quite a few times. Now I manually copy/past chunks of text that’s less than 2000 words; needless to say this is very time consuming. Will your team of developers please have a look at this issue? Thank you in advance.

@Helmer - I can understand where that would be frustrating and time consuming. If we can recreate the issue we will fix it for you. Which browser are you using when you are importing? How long is the text? Actually, if you could attach the text file and email it to us at support, that might help us the most.

I am ok with import.
Just I care about new words, I will make a lot new links…

Think everything will be ok. Just need start to read. I want some change, because I don’t like that routine and need little change learning.
I chose The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I tried The Stainless Steel Rat and The Forever War, but its looks to hard.
Thanks everyone who answer.

Hi Mark,
I have a few questions on ebooks on LINGQ.
When we import a book, the text will automatically get split into 2000 word parts. OK, but what should I do if I want to have the book split into the chapters of the book, each chapter being a lesson?
Another question: could there be a section in the library containing all the ebooks? So, on the one side the courses with lessons for beginners and intermediates etc. and on the other hand all the ebooks?

Hi Ben, if you want to split your text into chapters, you will have to do this manually. And, if the chapters are over 2000 words long, they will be split into parts as well.

That is a good suggestion to feature some of the bigger categories of content available. You can try searching the Library for ebooks or audiobooks now.

Good luck! Making lots of LingQs is good! Over time you will learn them and your pages will become whiter!

Thank you for your answer, Mark! But … how do I split the text manually?

Ben, click the Import Lesson button on the Home page. You have to highlight the text and paste into the text field on the import page. There is no automated way to do this.

Thanks, Mark! I think I will want to import an Italian novel in a few weeks, and I will try. I will come back on it if I don’t succeed!

Thank you. I sent you an e-mail. I’m using the latest version of Firefox. The text is quite long - around 34 000 words. The language is Japanese.

Its really a lot words…
I import chapter by chapter. As read one chapter, import second.
Why do you want import all 34k words in one time?

For convenience’s sake.

Hi, esko_yera, sorry for late answer. I will read “Deathworld by Harry Harrison” necessarily. Thanks for recommendation.

I just read. I don’t make any vocabulary review. Book after book I feel that I remember more and more words. The most important thing is to read books that are interesting. This motivates you to keep reading.


@Mark: I’m trying to upload a book into the Greek slot with audio. The chapters are long, and are therefore split up into different 2,000-word segments. However, when trying to share the lessons publicly, I can’t share the segmented lessons after the first, without uploading the audio again (you can’t share a lesson without audio).

Do you really want me to upload the 25 meg file multiple times for each lesson? Shouldn’t there be a better solution/work-around for audiobooks?