How do you make or let your husband/wife remember your anniversary date?

I want to write the sentence, but not sure I should use “make” or “let” in the sentence?

How do you make or let your husband/wife remember your anniversary date?

Or both are okay, but means differently?

Thank you!!!

“let someone remember something” = remind someone about something

husband/wife = spouse

I think perhaps the question you are trying to formulate is:

How do you remind your spouse about the date of your wedding anniversary?

If the choice is between ‘let’ and ‘make,’ I think the better word choice is to ‘make’ someone remember something (i.e., to cause someone to remember something). For example:

The best way to make your husband remember your wedding anniversary is to get married on his birthday.

How do you make your spouse remember your wedding anniversary date?

But can you really ‘make’ someone remember something? You can certainly try. You can try to remind them about an upcoming date or event. Honey, don’t forget, next Thursday is our wedding anniversary. Or you can mention something that happened in the past and see whether they remember it. Do you remember the day we first met?

‘Let’ is usually used with the verb ‘know.’ You let someone know something (i.e. you tell someone something).

How do you let your spouse know that you are disappointed or upset when they can’t remember your wedding anniversary date?

Or you don’t let someone forget something (i.e. you remind them).

Don’t let me forget to drop these letters in the mail tomorrow. Our bills are due. (i.e., Please remind me to mail these letters tomorrow. They all contain checks for paying our bills on time.)

I suppose you could also pose the question this way:

How do you go about not letting your spouse forget your wedding anniversary date? (i.e. How do you go about reminding your spouse about your anniversary? What do you do to remind your spouse about your anniversary?)

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for the advice or suggestions, burcenator! Sorry, I’m not sure what precise word I should use. Should I use advice or suggestion? I think they are quite similar.

I posted the picture above. But I don’t quite understand the time change (at night) on picture two.
It means that the husband took a long time to figure out that his wife did it on purpose? Or what?

Probably advice, but either word is fine. I added more examples, so please refresh the page.

No, I think it means he’s been sitting there all that time still trying to figure out the password and he’s telling himself, “she did this on purpose” because he knows that she knew that he wouldn’t remember the password (their anniversary date) and that he would sit there forever before admitting that he doesn’t know the password.


Exactly :slight_smile:

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I really appreciate your excellent explanations again.

Wow, I didn’t know that. Thank you for helping me understand the picture. I’m glad I asked.