How do you make a video?

I know it’s an utter newbie question, but how do you record your videos for YouTube?

I have a camcorder, but the sound isn’t great. I have a selection of microphones, and I think I can get a clean sound recording now.I have a webcam, there is possibly recording software on the disk it comes with but I don’t know. My son uses Window Moviemaker and a camcorder but he’s hardly an expert.

I use Windows XP.

Oh, I’ve just found Windows Moviemaker on my PC and it looks simple enough to use. Now I just have to solve the problem that my webcam and my microphone are attached to two different computers :-/

Is there a certain quality level that you have to record the video at or do you record at the highest quality you can and compress it down before upload?

I can’t open youtube right now, but as I remember at youtube, somewhere at upload video page there is a link “Record video”, or something like this. It seems you can switch on your webcam and mic and just record video directly on youtube. (I have not tried this actually…)

Hi Helen, I record videos from my webcam with the software that comes with it.
I do recordings from the screen with Camtasia Studio 3. I found a German version for free as I told on the German forum.
Then I make some changes and improvements with Camtasia Studio 3.

If you want to record video for youtube, you can use fonelab screen recorder.
Install it on your computer, and then run it.
It is easy to use and allows you touse youtube recorder to record video and audio at once without lag.