How do you increase activity scores?


How do you increase activity scores? By reading contents and creating LingQs or posting on the forum?

Thank you.

Hi, Yukiko,
creating lingQs increases the activity score.

Hi Imani,

Thank you for your response.

Do you know if any other activities that help to increase the scores?

It would be nice some day to be able to submit writing on LingQ, and earn activity points, without the need to have it corrected. I would like to be able to post writing on my wall privately or otherwise and receive points, for example.

It would be great too if we had the option to earn points by submitting writing on non-native language forums. Those learning German and submitting on the German ‘religion’ thread have written hundreds of words recently, for example.


Kimo, I think you just gave the most complete explanation of how activity points are divvied up I’ve ever seen. That includes posts from LingQ support.

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I support Julie’s suggestions.

On this thread Activity Score - 21769 - Language Forum @ LingQ I found an additional information from Alex: “minutes of conversation hosting” but I don’t know if this is true, because I haven’t hosted a conversation for a long time.

The researchers found that educational practices designed to raise knowledge and boost test scores do not improve fluid intelligence.

Wow, I didn’t know about all that! Shows how much I’m paying attention to this business of activity scoring :stuck_out_tongue: ~Thanks for the detailed explanation.

Thank you for the through explanations, Kimojima!!

I like Julie’s idea :slight_smile:

@Julie and yukiko: You have to understand why the activity score was created (in my opinion): It should users encourage to do activities where they spend points for to dinstinguish between free members and paying members. You have earned a lot of points if you submitted writings and booked conversation. Creating LingQs without limits is only possible for paying members. New is that you earn points for visiting LingQ per day.

I remember that there was a reward for the member with the highest activity score in the past. This was cancelled because some members cheated.

Personally I don’t bother about activity score because it shows only what I do on LingQ. So it is only a part of my learning activities. Also I’m not interested in a ‘competition’ with other members.

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@Vera - Da hast du verdammt recht! I’m just joking:)

But you’re so right; I should re-word it as “It would be nice some day for paying members to be able to submit writing on LingQ, and earn activity points, without the need to have it corrected…” :slight_smile:

Hi Vera,

Recently, I have been trying to be more active on LingQ, so I just got interested in how the activity scores worked :slight_smile:

I wonder how the members cheated to be on the list. Hmm…

@yukiko: At this time free members could created unlimited LingQs. It was easy to delete a bunch of LingQs. So they regularly deleted the LingQs, and added new LingQs again after a while. That increased the activity score. I guess it was not calculated as properly as today. I’m not sure but as far as I remember changing the status of LingQs didn’t work properly too. The reward of 1,000 points seemed to be interesting enough for some members to do this. Strange things happened because sometimes the number of known LingQs was negative or so. I cannot remember the details. But this stopped when LingQ didn’t reward the highest acitivty score any longer.


Wow, I had no idea that people cheated that way. It is great that LingQ could stop that :slight_smile:

@yukiko - kimojima’s response basically sums up how the Activity Score works :slight_smile:

We aren’t able to include reading and listening in these statistics, as these can be manually adjusted and would make it easy for people to inflate their Activity Scores by simply adding to their reading/listening statistics. Think of the Activity Score as your score for activities on LingQ. The Progress Snapshot, then, will allow you to add your additional statistics (such as speaking in person, writing an email, etc.) as well, but these will not be included in the Activity Score statistic.


That makes sense.

Thank you!