How do you important an ebook?

I’ve been trying to get this to work for almost 2 hours. The FAQ and video offers no information at all. The closest success I’ve had is copying and pasting text, but then it just loses all its format and becomes a humongous block of text with no spacing or paragraphs. LingQ has such a big problem with user friendliness, I feel like every single action on this site requires research in how to perform it instead of just being intuitive. I’m getting so frustrated!

Convert the ebook to text format (you can use calibre, for example) then copy-paste the text

Hi larrieuxa,
Take a look at this blog post:
I hope it can help you with this matter.

Any word yet as to why on several of my computers the imported lessons in classic view just keep “Loading” indefinitely? As a result, you cannot click on the words to start working through it. This just started two days, but it’s frustrating to keep waiting to be able to use LingQ again. I can do it on my laptop, but neither my home or office desktop computers. the former uses Mac Safari and Firefox browsers, the latter internet explorer.

Slightly related to the above. When converting the ebook to text and uploading, Lingq cuts the text upload into segments of 2000 words each. I therefore need to cut the audio in order to fit these segments - can anyone recommend an easy way/tool to cut audio book files?

There is or was a program called Audacity that was pretty good. I personally don’t like the auto-split fuction of imports. It used to be 10,000 words was the cut off. That was better for book chapters, etc. Because of this, I don’t bother with audio importing anymore. I just put it in iTunes and just listen to whatever section of the text I’m in and vice versa. Ideally, you could choose how to split.

Please check my reply on your latest email for more informations. Thanks!

that’s what i did, and it just pastes a huge block of text with no formatting.

thanks zoran, i will have a look at that.

zoran it looks like the instructions there are exactly what i was already doing. the problem is that when doing this method the formatting is all erased leaving just a chapter that is just one huge formatless block text.

Open it in Word first, then copy it from there and paste to LingQ and it should retain the formating.

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It is not easy, because you have to find the position in the audio, where you have to cut. This is really annoying.

A program that helps cutting MP3 files is mp3DirectCut. That saves time for the converting that Audacity needs.