How do you guys space out the rereading and relistening of dialogues and texts?

Hi everyone, I would like to ask your opinion on something. How should I space out the rereading and relistening of dialogues, texts, and audios I have to read and listen to?

Say I read two or three dialogues or texts today, I understand I should read them again, but when should I reread those dialogues? Should I space them out like flashcards on Anki? Read once today, again tomorrow, then in 3 days, a week, and so on? Or just reread them once every other day, without any specific order, until I comprehend them fully? Thank you.

I think the basic idea is that you do whatever you want. If you browse the forum you’ll notice that there are people here who read them again right after they finish, there are some that read 10 texts and then go back to the first and so on, and there are some who don’t reread anything.

I personally don’t reread anything because I find it boring which erodes my will to continue.

At the very beginning of learning a language I might review the lingqs at the end of the lesson. But I prefer just continuing to read and moving on to things that interest me as soon as I can.

I would say, pick whatever you like enough to continue doing.


To azarya’s point you need to find something that works for you. It my take some experimentation and flexibility.

I can tell you my preference, if I read something is to just spread it out. In other words don’t read the same thing 10 times in a row. Probably better to space it out a bit. Could be a few minutes. A few hours. A few days! Having said that, my language learning sessions are very haphazard (where I can fit them in during the day) and sometimes only a few minutes sprinkled throughout the day. I might read something, then re-read it later that day another time or two. Then I will try again the next day if there’s still some words I want to see if I can get “learned”. I might re-read a few more times over the course of the day and next, but at that point I move on even if I haven’t learned everything. I feel at some point re-reading the same things becomes less effective and some words may just be difficult to make stick.

Also…if I re-read anything, it will be something very short. Under a few minutes usually. Most things over a few minutes I won’t read again as I usually find it too tedious.

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Agreed. that’s what I do: whatever I feel and whenever I feel like it.

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oie! então, concordo com o que já falaram. não tem regra, o certo é o que funciona pra você :slight_smile: tem quem ache efetivo já reler logo em seguida, eu por exemplo, só acho interessante reler algo que eu tenha gostado muito (pelo simples prazer de reler mesmo) ou se realmente sentir que aquele vocabulário vai ser útil/tem mais chances de virar um vocabulário ativo

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Thank you everyone for answering. You guys are right. I should focus on keeping myself interested. I think I’m just going to make sure I reread at least once before a week has passed, because that’s when I might start forgetting what I learned. And sometimes reread once right after I finish when it’s something interesting.

Obrigado. Vou seguir o conselho de vocês e me focar naquilo que me interessa. Quando um vocabulário parece útil é importante reler mesmo né? No meu caso quando eu vejo que uma palavra vai ser útil, isso já se torna uma das coisas que despertam o meu interesse, então esses vou reler bastante. Gratidão.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Once a week is the lesson is the same topic. If you are reviewing all of the lessons on weather once a week go back and review the lessons again. At the end of a week your word count should be going up along with your understanding of phrases. Every two weeks review your vocabulary words. This is no real methods but do what works for you, but you will notice a huge spike in knows words if you focus on the same content area that you enjoy or that you are interested in.