How do you go through a lesson in LingQ?

I am just curious and which is why I am asking here.
When you open a lesson, do you listen to the whole audio and later come back to LingQ those words which you don’t understand. Or do you just read the whole lesson first and then listen to the audio?

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I’m pretty much random. Mostly depends on the content (do I even HAVE audio) and whatever I get to first.

In general, my preference is to read first. That way I can do the LingQ’ing and can a better understanding of what I’m about to listen to. However, if I’m busy doing dishes or cleaning litters, or driving, I may go ahead and listen to content first (youtube videos or podcasts usually). Then maybe import them into LingQ, or otherwise read later.

For books, I read them first and I typically read all the way through before even touching that audio. I’d probably do things differently if I had more time in the day. Probably read a chapter, then read while listening to the chapter after that.