How do you go about using LingQ in the best possible way?

I mean there are lots of features. You can do a guided course or watch and listen to videos related to topics you like.
I mainly sticking with Guided courses feature and Mini Stories lessons.
I have been using this platform for 20 days now so I can’t say anything for now because I am just a beginner.
Maybe after two months we will know but I want to ask you:
How long have you been using this platform and how do you use it to maximize your output (Language learning)?

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Hi Yoda. Not sure there’s a “best” way. It can be used in so many ways and everyone seems to have their own spin. Some, like me, like to use sentence mode almost exclusively. Some don’t. Some like using SRS. Some don’t. Some may repeat lessons. Others don’t.

I think you got a lot of good answers on your similar question the other day. And if you do a search you can find a lot of similar threads.

Here’s one that may be of interest:

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My opinion for using lingq the best way is acquiring vocabulary and trying to get your word count as physically high as you want and can go. The remaining skills could be done outside of Lingq such as listening to youtube videos that have subtitles or going to online teachers to practice speaking. There’s also the option of shadowing too


can you elaborate on the term ‘shadowing’?

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Mimicking a native speaker of your choice through audio. Trying to speak in real time along with the audio. This will improve speaking ability and accent