How do you get back on track after a hiatus?

Just curious how others handle this challenge? I had to take some time away from LingQ for health reasons, as well as the business of life. I think I’ve been away for about a month. For those of you who have had to take a break, what has been your method for getting back on track?

I feel like I’m going to have to review all my lessons again and do lots of vocab drills to get back to where I was. Shucks.

Let yourself be surprised. Fly through your lessons, only do vocab drills if you want to and enjoy getting back into the saddle.

Very often a language seems easier once you return to it. Good luck (and good health)!

I’m back after a few months off. I didn’t completely stop language learning but I wasn’t nearly as active as before.

My strategy will be simply to re-read the lessons I like the most and to start adding new content. If I have forgotten a word that is marked as “learned”, I’ll simply unmark it and move on. I’m pretty sure it will all come back to me eventually. No worries!

IMO one month off is nothing. Certain words your never going to forget. In some of Steve’s videos he mentions he actually got better after taking some time away from a language. I don’t mean to say to make a habit of it when learning a language as I feel your much better off spending say 30 mins a day reading and listening 6 days a week than 5 or 6 hours on the weekend doing the same.