How do you deal with grammar on LingQ?

In general:

Our tutors will identify grammatical errors you make in your writing and speaking, and they'll explain any relevant grammar concepts in the reports you receive. You are also free to ask your tutor any questions about grammar on the forum or when communicating with them.

Some other options:

While we do not stress grammar instruction here at LingQ, we recognize that people are curious about the structure of the language they are learning. When curiosity strikes, here are some direct ways we recommend observing grammar rules:

  • Take note of the various integrated dictionaries LingQ offers when creating LingQs. Context Reverso is a popular one which offers conjugation tables.
    • Take a look at the different tenses and conjugations of words.
  • Grammar tags are automatically added to LingQs, denoting the word's part of speech. You can click on those tags to open up a Grammar Guide or other grammar resources.
  • Obtain a small grammar book and read it from time to time.
    • Try to avoid relying on grammar rules as a kind of filter that you have to pass all of your thoughts through before you can say anything.
  • Check the LingQ menu (by clicking your profile picture) for a Grammar Guide. It is available in some languages.

The more you read and listen to content, the better your grammar will become. You must notice the way native speakers use the language. This is how you develop excellent reflexes.

You can go from zero to fluent in any language without studying a single grammar table.