How do you change the picture for an imported lesson?

I manually imported one less and used the share feature from my iPhone for the other. But I’m unable to change or add a picture when I do it this way. How do I edit the cover photo after the lesson has already been imported? This is what I see from the lesson I do page on the iPhone mobile app.

Edit lesson, then click on the picture (or place where the picture would be). This should give you a chance to upload a picture.

Hi @1rdaniels,

I did some looking around, and it appears that you can only change lesson photo via the web browser. There are no options for it through the phone application.

Through the web, you would:

  1. Navigate to your lesson (Check your “Imported Lessons” shelf if you don’t see it on your “Continue Studying” Shelf):

  1. Click on the three dots to bring up the menu options for your lesson:

  1. Click “Edit Lesson” as ericb100 indicated:

  1. Click the existing photo thumbnail for your lesson:

  1. Follow the Directions on the window and click done to save your new thumbnail/course image:

I hope this helps!

P.S. Sorry you can’t do this on your phone.

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One thing I’ve wondered is can it be resized in any way? Whenever I’ve uploaded a picture, it crops it to the various shapes as it sees fit. I think in the old 4.0 version you could at least move it around so that you make it fit right. Now, it’s always cropped very strangely. I’ve tried changing the size of the picture to make it smaller to fit, but it always expands it. Maybe there is no way to fix that currently, but if anyone knows, let me know! =)

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I tried to resize it at one point because I didn’t like the way it cropped, but they don’t have that functionality.

Basically you would have to resize it yourself and then upload it, but I don’t know the dimensions to allow for that. So, you would probably be resizing and uploading the same picture a bunch until it looked right to you with that method.

Last time I tried to change it I made the picture smaller than what could possibly fill it. It still filled it and cropped it in the same manner =). So resizing beforehand doesn’t help…just makes it potentially blurrier.

Darn, that would be a good feature request to make.

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