How Do You Become Good at Speaking in a New Language? - Steve Kaufmann

I always emphasize input in language learning, getting the language in you through listening and reading. But how do you get started speaking? I offer some advice in this video.


How can I check his statistics for Persian and Arabic? I would like to know at what stage of language learning he started having speaking lessons with a paid tutor on iTalki?

Thank you for keeping us going!

The quality of sentences is coming out my mouth even without doing any speaking or having any sessions with a teacher on italki. I am right now at 2100 hours listening and 1.4 million words read in German . At the end of the day, it is all about a “massive amount” of input. The thing is, students, do not have a clear idea about the “massive amount” in focused language hours.
if you have read 3 million words read and listened for like 3000 hours, then you should think about “outputting”. Until I do not reach this goal, I will keep exposing myself to the language. I am glad I did not waste my money on italki lessons in the beginning stages of learning.

Thanks for the video. Great stuff!

I think you can do this if you follow someone.